Cheap stay near Disneyland Paris

 Choose a cheap hotel close to Disneyland® Paris

To organize a cheap stay near Disneyland® Paris, we advise you to look for a hotel outside the “Disney zone”. Indeed, Disney hotels often charge very high rates. The cost of a stay at Disney Parks “tickets + Disney hotel” may quickly become excessive.

The solution: hotels with the “Good Disney Neighbour Hotel” label. Very close to Disney Parks, they offer comfort and services at more reasonable prices.

La Résidence du Parc Val d’Europe, located at 10 minutes by car from Disneyland® Paris, is one of these hotels delivering both cheap Disney stays and spacious apartments.

The appart’hotel Résidence du Parc Val d’Europe: a smart solution to organize a cheap Disney stay.

The aparthotel Résidence du Parc Val d’Europe make you save on your budget :

A cheap stay at Disneyland is possible!

So don’t hesitate and book your stay at the Appart’hotel Residence du Parc Val d’Europe now!